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of you will see a top 20 matchup. zac lee and number 19 nebraska at number 13, virginia tech. we'll certainly know a great deal more about both of these teams at the conclusion of this one. we welcome you, everybody. robert smith, todd. i am wendi nix. glad you are with us. hyping a game at the horseshoe, the usc trojans came calling on the buckeyes and it was ohio state that came up short. it did live up to the hype. this week, however, ohio state trying to shake off the rush, terrelle pryor and company putting behind them looking to bounce back. pryor deep over the middle to stanz stanz sta stanzenbacher. >> he scored the same later nerst quarter. deja vu. to stanzen bacher. 18-yard touchdown reception. >> ohio state led 14-0 that the point. 38-0 with just under three points to play in the first quarter. terrelle pryor you can see his numbers barely in on the ground. 12 rushes for 110 yards. >> anyone else play on offense? >> and a touchdown. there's been some discussion about jim tressel and his conservative play-calling. the fact that he was playing it close to the vest. as r
, nebraska virginia and tech with a win streak against non-conference opponents and nebraska playing tremendously but tech down. drops it right through his hands and frank beamer believes that was it but they get the ball back at their own 1-yard. watch taylor by all sorts of time in the pocket. where is danny cole? there he is. there he goes. all the way down to the three. 1-yard play. stunning everyone. so it comes down to a third and goal with the hokies still trailing. sean mcdonough. >> taylor designed over the left now comes back to the right. waiving receiveers around and running out of time and finally throws and it is good! touchdown! roberts. >> so close to a great road win. a couple miracle plays. tech pulls it out, 16-15. my goodness. >> and byu with bcs hopes before florida state rolled into the area. kristen ponder hitting terrell, five -yard touchdown. florida state up 30-14 and matt struggling. one of his three interceptions on the day, that pick courtesy of dave reid taking it back for the touchdown. florida state goes on to win it 54-28 ending byu's bcs dreams. >> a
top nebraska's running of the weiners. today." we've had outstanding weather for the last several days, but we are finding showers creeping into western new york and northwestern pennsylvania. new york today, and increasing cloud cover, highs at 80, boston, 76, still a storm chance in the southeast. but things do get better tomorrow. partly cloudy in atlanta, getting a chance to dry out there, high's at 85. atlanta for your eastern event of the day. if you're watching us on wxia at the petting zoo, you don't get to just see the animals, you can get a hands on experience with goats, sheep, and of course, the pigs. and that's your eastern event of the day. that's a day well spent. >> just wash your hands. >> exactly. >> thanks, ryan. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. >>> how are things working out for the kids after jon minus kate? well, a little lonely according to radar online. they spent last weekend with nannies while kate taped a talk show pilot and jon partied on long island. >>> friends fear jessica simpson is headed for a tail spin aft
kickoff and we have done that again. i'm telling you. every time we go to tell you about nebraska -- >> holding call for a touchdown. zach lee. >> cover, cover. up five, nobody gets deep. are you kidding me. >> what's interesting, nebraska really outplayed virginia tech for much of this game. >> watch this play -- watch the defensive line on nebraska on the next play. you have to go after tyrod taylor on this. you can't stay back and let him scramble all day. there's no way your secondary can cover this long. >> tyrod taylor. gets away with it. but again, threw the ball, the rushing situation continues. seems to shy away from. >> negative 22 yards rushing. he's not running the ball. he's not getting the looks he wants as a passer. when it came down to it he made the one throw they needed and they won ugly but still won. >> scorecards don't take picture. >> tough for nebraska. outplayed them for 3 1/2 quarters. >> michigan state and notre dame. to south bend for this one. notre dame, of course, losing to michigan at the big house last weekend. michigan state down three, kurt cousin
their discussions off the floor. for what purpose does the gentleman from nebraska rise? mr. fortenberry: address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. fortenberry: mr. speaker, this month, lincoln school of nebraska is celebrating its 40th anniversary. started in 1969, lincoln school was one of the first schools in the united states to be custom built to facilitate the curriculum. the school has served hundreds of families over two generations and fully apart of nebraska's diverse educational community. mary and larry are still the school's mode of force and guide children daily with purposeful materials and offer after-school enrichment classes, conduct classes to help parents understand and implement the philosophy and lecture on nebraska. the result, children, who are self-disciplined, joyful and eager to learn. the children are free to discover the world. mr. speaker, on behalf of the first district of nebraska and the united states congress, i thank them, two twoord people for their dedication to the formation of young children and congratulate them on th
of nebraska. i am really excited about this. i am here almost full-time. we're 3-1 right now. we've got a buy this week. then we start the big 12 schedule in a couple weeks. so we're excited. >> congratulations. you're back to really where your heart has been for so many years, and that's coaching. can you tell me the similarities between leadership on the field and leadership in business? i know you're so motivational with the players. >> i think at the end of the day, maria, what you're really doing is making a significant bet on people. you've got to be able to put together a winning strategy in a competitive environment. in the business world you've got to be able to generate long-term earnings. in the athletic world, you've got to be able to win games. you've got to be competitive. but you will always make a bet on people. frapgly, you do that in football and you do that in business. >> very cool. how bullish are you is one of the questions that your firm asked investors right now. i'll tell you one thing, it certainly feels like people are bullish given the fact we're talking about a 60
hokies fired up to host the number 19 nebraska cornhuskers. terrell roberts receiving. cuts up the middle. breaks free and he is off to the races. finally dragged down but it is a 767-yard kick return. >> beamer still coaching special teams. >> there's still beamer ball p. finishes the job, 7-0 for virginia tech. score, nebraska on top. 12-10. you talk about tyrod taylor. at some point you got to dance with the girl you brought. he wants to throw the football. that's what he's done. >> i don't get it. you're one of the most athletic quarterbacks in college football. last year run 70 yards which led your team. yet he has four carries for negative 18 yards so far, two of which were sacked. two times in the entire first half he's taken off and run the ball. i think until they get the quarterback, tyrod taylor to start running and taking advantage of his feet, this virginia tech offense is going nowhere. >> speak of offense it doesn't go anywhere. it's important to play good special teams. it's even more important when you talk about offense that you're facing that has difficulty moving the b
. >>> down 17 points, nebraska resorted to a trick play known as the fumblerooski. it was dropped on the guard to dean steinkohlor to take it in for a touchdown. bout to you by buffalo wild wings. >> one of the top 30 plays and turner gill winning the m.a.c. championship. did a great job up there. turner gill one of the candidates that interviewed for the head coaching job that ultimately went to gene chizik. tate on first down. i'll never forget by the way darr never forgive them for banning the fumblerooski play. one more they would have in their book. >> bob: do you want it to come down to total trickeration. >> mark: i like some smoke and mirrors. >> bob: that's football. >> mark: that's straight ahead. stop m
take it you are wrong on that. absolutely wrong. you have nebraska, texas tech, you have dead football teams in that occurrence. t the -- you look at florida state, they struggled with -- >> i'm trying to think when the big 12 -- >> it it is not because you don't have a big memory. i cannot hold you accountable for that. >> the win over florida characterizes as a entertaining game on saturday night, as well. >> we don't know how good or bad south carolina is. that my friend, who camed moan times -- >> you don't know, absolutely, you got a different team every week. when you have a great win, you can get your bottom dollar there will be a netdown next week. >> i know three things for sure. i know florida is good. i know texas is good. and i know u.s.c. is good. >> i think he's probably right about all those. florida and texas will be little bit better. >> i think this is a great country. >> trot jans know how to win, we will agree on that. we'll up here's another "nattyism" with natty light. today's word is "naturday." "naturday." the most awesomest day of one's week. whooo-hooo! as in.
but it will be their defense. >> nebraska goes into lane stadium to take on virginia tech. another opportunity to establish an identity huskers take your pick. >> i like nebraska in the football game because of the offense. what does concern me is nebraska's ranked way down in national statistics as far as defense against the run and that's the one thing virginia tech can do. they can run the football but if they can stop the run i don't think tyrod tyler can beat them and i think nebraska will win the north division and the big 12. . i think they're back. >> agree but there was a coach that sat next to me for five years that said don't worry about statistics we just play the gameses on saturday. nebraska wins because of their quarterback that's done a tremendous job this year and if you look at their defense they'll stop the virginia tech running game rushed for 444 yards last week not this week. >> a stat that will matter over the last eight years 63 of the 6 games of the bcs games have ranked 15th or higher two haven't, duke or nebraska. if nebraska does it will be the first against virginia tech. and m
. >> practice will be a doozy on monday. elsewhere, virginia tech taking on the big boys from nebraska. this heavyweight battle did not disappoint. down in blacksburg. the hokies started strong. virginia tech by five. tie rod taylor trying to make something happen. pump fakes and goes up top and deep to a wide open danny cole. off to the races. he is knocked out of bounds at the 3 yard line. tech, here we go. three plays later, tech on the 11 yard line after a sack. tyrod taylor had the hokies in business. let's go, guys. come on. taylor, sees dyrell roberts. check out roberts. makes an incredible catch for thegame-winning touchdown. virginia tech beats the cornhuskers 16-15. >>> let's go to hatsymississipp. toree morrison, a speedy fellow. 57-yard touchdown. the cavs led 27-10 at halftime. they lose 37-34. virginia falls to 0-3. >>> to pittsburgh. navy playing pitt. second quarter, the panthers up 14-7. they are threatening. deon lewis stretches in for pitt. pitt downs navy. the mids back home on next saturday against western kentucky. >>> in the wnba playoffs the mystics, win or the
the news but there's one obstacle stopping a nebraska journalism student. but not now. >>> plus, holy cow, the surprise one man encountered in this washington state convenience store. >>> but first, a look at the latest in business news with jeremy hubbard with abc. >> reporter: good morning topping your "moneyscope report" -- president obama marks one year since the financial crisis exploded. mr. obama will be on wall street today a year after lehman brothers collapsed sending the financial world into a panic. in his speech the president will push congress to enact regulatory reform to prevent another meltdown. he'll also outline the administration's plan to wind down government involvement in the financial sector. despite the recent rally the dow is still down 1,800 points from this time last year. >>> china is threatening to retaliate in a growing trade dispute with the united states. it's taken the first step towards imposing tear riffs on auto exports and chicken. it's after president obama slapped a tariff on chinese tires last week. >>> an airline said to be competing for a stake
a casket carrying his remains was flown to hawaii and then to omaha, nebraska. a funeral is set for october 3rd in his hometown of laurel, nebraska. >>> couldn't find a job after graduating from the university of southern california. so the 27 year old decided to try 50 jobs. one in each state. his last job ended. he caught lobster in maine. all despite a recession. >> i'm still going out there showing if you're willing to work you can find a job. land of opportunities. no doubt about it. >> he says he had a second goal in addition to working in all 50 states. get this. he stays he also wanted to find a date in each state. but he says he struck out in west virginia and wyoming. >>> hundreds of people stood holding flags near the capitol tonight lighting up the national museum of the american indian. britney moorehouse tells us it is an adventure that had some people traveling six hours to participate. >> reporter: that's right, bruce. it may have looked strange to people passing by. spotlights all over the giant museum just like a disco ball but all of that nonsense led to this picture. >>
, more nuttiness, one of those weeks, hokies fired up to take on 19 nebraska in blacksburg, roberts, fields it, cuts up the middle. >> that was zach lee. so 15-10. nebraska right here. tyrod taylor. the safety didn't rotate over in time. but clearly nobody was covering the guy there. >> and nebraska played excellent defense and then some mental mistakes in the end, todd, that cost them. >> you saw that one play. you can't have a bigger mental breakdown. tyrod taylor who finished the day with 12 of 27 passing negative 22 rush yards gets one opportunity. comes up big. throwing that touchdown pass and virginia tech in a game to be honest with you they were flat out played for 3 1/2 quarters go on to win 16-15 and stole one in blacksburg. >> one of those ones where you say score cards may be not pretty but effective. tyrod taylor been so determined it would seem to throw the ball this season todd, obviously he can do things with his feet extremely well. >> creating in the pass but as i said negative 22 rushing yards. he's got to get above the line of scrimmage. >> let's move to south be
.s.u. pops b.y.u.'s b.c.s.-bound bubble, 54-28. >> number 19 nebraska at number 13 va tech. last year the hokies won in lincoln in a tight one. this time it was in blacksburg. fourth quarter, virginia tech down five. tyrod taylor on fourth down, and roberts can't hold on. it was right on his fingers. frank beamer agog. but nebraska can't run out the clock. virginia tech gets it back at their own 16. under a minute and a half to go. desperation time. taylor loads it up, he's got danny cole. behind everybody. cole finally knocked out at the 3. huge play for the hokies. the husker fans are stunned. sean mcdonough now with the call. >> taylor roll to the left, now comes back to the right, waving receivers around. nobody open. running out of time. finally throws! and it is caught! touchdown, roberts! >> roberts atones for the earlier drop, and for the second straight year, the hokies nip the huskers, 16-15. >> ding, ding, at the m.g.m. grand last night. floyd mayweather jr. taking on juan manuel marquez. may weder is one of five fighters to have held five major world titles in five differe
at the state fair and ben nelson of nebraska joins us from omaha. amy, a big speech from the president. what is the one thing you need to hear from him to convince you that he has the momentum and initiative back? >> i believe after spending many days at the minnesota state fair, i'm convinced that people want to see a focus on affordability and cost. that seems to me what brings people together across party lines, an emphasis on how we can make this more affordable. they've realized and i think times have changed over august, things have calmed a teeny bit, and people have started to step back and say, you know what? i know that my premiums have doubled in the last ten years and i have every reason to believe they'll double again and that's what the numbers show. if you're a senior, going to be a senior by 2017, medicare is going in the red so the focus on cost, accountability, on doing something, getting something done, that's what i'd like him to talk about. >> senator nelson, the white house says the president will be more specific. you know the flashpoints in the debate. what is the one
nebraska. which hokie's offense will show this week? the one in the opener or the one that exploded for 600 yards of offense last week against marshall? if i'm frank beamer i would vote for choice b. >> we are going to throw the football. game plan is to go and try to stretch the field. of course, trying to get the running game going. >> it will be crazy around here. that's why everyone came to virginia tech for to play in a game like this. >> day 5 of training camp for the capitals and three-day tournament is over with alex ovechkin's team a capturing the cup. he had four assists in today's final game as he and nicklas backstrom knocked them off. preseason already tomorrow in buffalo. >>> nats in philadelphia tonight except jesus flores. he had surgery on his shoulder. he just came off the dl last week after missing 105 games was diagnosed with a torn muscle. he will be out with three to six months and hope to have him back on the field at some point during spring training but who knows. nats in philadelphia tonight. joe blanton goes for the home team. >>> finally tonight, this is going to
lawmakers are calling for a federal investigation of acorn. one senator from nebraska wants the u.s. attorney general to get involved. another from alabama is calling for a sweeping investigation because he believes acorn's corruption is wide spread. >> i believe there is pattern of corruption all throughout acorn. balance problems, trying to falsify. child porn and other things. income tax deals. we need a thorough investigation by the inspector general, at the housing department. and we also need a hearing and investigation by the committee that banking housing committee that i sit on. >> meanwhile, in maryland, several state lawmakers are also looking into funding and grants issued to the acorn office in baltimore over the last few years. >> we have breaking news tonight out of northeast baltimore. police are on the scene of a shooting in the 3400 block of cliff mont avenue. the shooting happened at 8:40 this evening. it appears one man was killed. we will have more information when it becomes available. . >> first on fox tonight. the mba said the baltimore bus company without
. >>> he can't see the teleprompter or scripts in front of him but one blind college student in nebraska is determined to become a news anchor. nick pavel has been blind since birth but is in training to become a journalist. the school is using braille to help him read the prompter. the teachers say with such determination you may never know where nick could turn up some day. good for you, nick. >>> grab your poker chips and run. guests at the hard rock hotel in las vegas were ordered to get out of the hotel when the fire broke out at the resort. firefighters say a lot of smoke poured out of the wall of an electrical room. two people needed to be treated for smoke inhallation but were taken to the hospital. no word yet on how the fire in vegas started. >>> 5:49. 61 degrees in baltimore. we may drop another notch or two and we're entering the fog season which means the longer nights allowing the temperature to drop back to the dew point. we could develop morning fog. looks like we have some this morning, not really widespread but just something we would expect to happen a little more oft
and nebraska. said we'd know for about these two teams. did we? it's a one-point game. we'll explain and florida, tennessee, their first meeting at the swamp since lane kiffin took over at the hemingway of the volunteers. fireworks, yes, no, maybe? up next. cordless multi-tool. re-model. re-grout. re-store. all re-powered. meet the hand tool, re-thought. the power and versatility of six tools... packed into one. more innovations. more great values. craftsman. trust. in your hands. ♪ >>> georgia at arkansas. third quarter. arkansas down 27-21. mallett to child. it's a strike. one-point lead. >> lose asher allen. didn't know when to make a play. >> still a one-point game. cox defies king. offensively that looks pretty good. arkansas, that was 34-28. later in the third, ryan mallett, d.j. williams, a one-yard strike. arkansas up 35-34. >> in the end georgia 42, 35, over arkansas but it was back and forth all day they had to rally. tim tebow and urban meyer. sporting the professorial look. >> looks like clark kent. >> change it up. out of the shotgun scrambles right. encase you haven't
slugger as we say in nebraska has sold more than 100 million bats making it without question the most popular bat brand in baseball history. the louisville slugger continues to dominate the game in both wood and aluminum bat categories with 60% of all major league players currently using the louisville slugger. because the average major league baseball player goes through more than 100 bats in a season, each year more than one million bats are made at its factory in louisville. . the factory is more than just your average factory and carries with it an air of tradition and nostalgia from hall of fame players like babe ruth, lugarring and even today's pros like kevin and derek jeeter. in 1996 the louisville shrugger museum and factory was opened to the public and it's hard to miss the museum's 120-foot-tall louisville shrugger that leans onto the brick building. once inside of the museum, tourists are able to witness the entire process, creating a wooden bat from northern white ash or maple, test different model bats in a batting cage and read upon the history of players in th
until it's over. >> senator ben nelson, democrat of nebraska, wants republican support for the baucus bill, which is the baseline for the amendment action in the finance committee. max baucus also wants republican support, enough to vote against things, he said, he supports. first, why are democrats like nelson and baucus more concerned about the other party than the members of their own that they might lose? and second, why all of this concern for a republican party that would happily steamroll the democrats? >> yeah, let me take the second question first, david. i think people like max baucus and ben nelson don't really understand the republican party of today. it's a thoroughly grassroots-based conservative party that's been back on its heels, thinks it found its identity and protest over the summer, and is not going to support this measure in any way, shape or form institutionally. maybe a senator or two considering it. but even they are doubtful. so that's the first part. i don't think they understand what they're dealing with. the republicans are in a rejectionist mood. that's n
have closed nationwide. and medical officer for the state of nebraska says to ignore this at your own peril. how bad does this get? >> we are starting to have an impact taking care of people neil: it is losing a bit of steam on that it had originally. it has lost that shock factor. that is dangerous when that happens. >> it is dangerous when that happens. we want people to still be paying attention to the news for the situation as it changes. it is going to be here for a while. what people forget is that car accidents still happen. hospitals are routinely fall. when we had this much flu, it really has an impact on our health care system. neil: you are saying that this could be a preview of coming attractions? >> it could very well day. we have seen the impact on our schools. the virus is spreading there are people at substantial risk for complications. neil: who are those people? >> those are people with chronic underlying health conditions. serious heart conditions. they are more at risk to have serious complications. neil: for those types of folks, what can we do? >> the most import
spring. ben nelson of nebraska called it a deal breaker in may. max baucus, chair of the crucial senate finance committee has spent months seeking alternatives. joe lieberman, the independent and former vice presidential nominee was against it last year. blanche lincoln of arkansas has joined the opposition and north dakota's ken kent conrad, the powerful senate judiciary chairman has said a government option was doomed all along. >> the fact of the matter is there are not the votes in the united states sthats for the public option. there never have been, so to continue to chase that rabbit, i think, is just a wasted effort. >> at least five more democrats including ev san bayh of indiana, bill nelson, and mark pry your of arkansas have threatened to oppose a government insurance program depending on what it costs. >> it is like a thousand pieces to a puzzle. >> if a compromise is to be found, it may be by a republican, not a democrat. maine's olympia snowe is one of the gang of six senate finance committee members still seeking a compromise. the two other are republicans, chalk grassle
walked out of their spouses in protest. there was a demonstration in nebraska yesterday. school officials cannot condone missing class, but they hope this lease to a discussion. up to 600 teachers could lose their jobs because of budget constraints. >> how are we going to get our education. >> i think it is crazy. i love my teachers. >> the school system over hired teachers in case of over enrollment. they cannot keep them all. >>> the man at the top of the republican ticket want to increase the amount of money the state cannot stashed its rainy day fund. bob mcdonnell is proposing to allow the size of the fund to increase to 50 % of the annual income. >>> creigh deeds will be at the clarendon metro station after 8:30 this morning and will reveal a major campaign endorsement. >>> a poster depicting president obama as the joker has some people out raids. >> it is idiotic. >> the poster is on display outside of a club in richmond. the owner said he wanted to show his displeasure for mr. obama's policies. the group says the poster is racist. >>> the secret service is investigating an online
on abc. regional action. nebraska/virginia tech. usc/washington or tennessee/florida. i think that urban meyer may want to have his team score some points tonight. and now t.j. yates goes out. his team only up by a touchdown. would love to burn some of that 6:15 remaining in the game. erik highsmith, the true freshman, breaks away. the true freshman with a ton of talent with a huge gain. all the way up to the 42 yard line. >> ray: they've been running this kind of play all day. just a one-man screen on the outside. and dekota marshall is going to get kind of rolled over in this tacklep you will see they released mike ingersoll the right tackle and that forced the corner over there, darryl reynolds, he missed it. kind of ducked down. marshall missed it from the other side and highsmith was off and running. >> pam: that was a 43-yard play for highsmith, who has five catches, over 100 yards and a touchdown today. >> ray: boy, he came on the scene last week, as we mentioned, pam. and all of a sudden, those big shoes of those receivers who left the tar heel program last year, they're filled.
republicans, but among key democrats, like nebraska senator ben nelson, as you know, heidi. and he actually indicated yesterday on cnn's "state of the union" that he could support a so-called trigger for a government-run insurance plan. here's what he said. >> well, i think he has to say that if there's going to be a public option, it has to be subject to a trigger. in other words, if somehow the private market doesn't respond the way that it's supposed to, then it would trigger a public option or a government-run option, but only as a fail save, backstop to the process. >> reporter: now, this would go into effect only if certain goals are not met in a certain amount of time. getting enough people insurance coverage, for instance, or bringing down costs to a sufficient degree. we should mention, maine republican, republican olympia snowe, she's a key smart involved in bipartisan negotiations, she's been discussing this very idea with the white house. so, obviously, you can see this may be a part where some of these conservative democrats in the senate and some of these moderate republicans
. >>> se acabanh@h@ california de necesario nebraska para muchos la espera es abrumadora pero la cruz roja se encarga de protegerlos además, de camas le dan alimentos cuidados médicos y un espacio para entretener a los pequeños. . >>> pensamos que se iba quemar nuestra casa, todos evacuaronh@ caso que se ocupe más albergue # al igual que bomberos estos voluntarios trabajan para facilitar sus servicios las 24 horasel día. la demanda por un lugar seguro los obliga añkph@ en la zona. >>> algunos ya regresan a sus hogares pero el incendio es tan grande que la cruz roja tendrá sus alberguesbiertos por tiempo indefinido regreso con ustedes al estudio. >>> gracias salvador por tu informe y para informarse de los números de ayuda y refugios y áreas de evacuación puede báa. tar a tlçf . >>> el hán ximena sigue azotando a baja california vamos con león felipe gonzález y las imágenes de los estragos adelante león felipe. >>> así es ximena ya golpeo bh@ california sur, hay daños severos se reportan techos h@h@s caídos los efectos del huracán ximena inundaron calles.
, nebraska, and southeast washington. headlights have left tysons heading up towards old georgetown road. everything clear for those in the red. they're on their way to tysons and heading out to 66. nothing as far as traffic on the greenway, the toll road, and on 95 in virgia. >> thank you. >>> put away the plug. for a leader night shows us a wireless-charging laptop. >> in tech bytes, dell brings new meaning to the wireless laptop. they have a computer that can be charged wirelessly. you place the laptop on the dock and the computer power is up. there is a wireless docking system and an external monitor. it starts at $2,000. microsoft is offering free anti virus software. it can be downloaded from their website. it updates daily. microsoft says it will not slow down your computer. garmen is releasing its first gps phone. it comes with pre loaded north american maps plus millions of points of interests like restaurants and gas stations. it goes on sale on sunday and will cost $300. warner music has reached a deal to put its music back on youtube. there was a dispute over advertising reve
nebraska joins us from omaha. a big speechl from the president. what is the one thing you need to hear from him to convince you he has the momentum and initiative back? >> i believe after spending many days at the minnesota state fair, people everywhere want to see a focus on affordability and cost. that brings people together across party lines. an emphasis on how to make it more affordable. they realize and i think times have changed over august. things have calmed a teeny bit, and people have stepped back and said, you know what? i know my premiums have doubled in the last ten years and i have every reason to believe they will double again. if you're a senior or going to be a senior, by 2017 medicare is going in the red. so this focus on costs, accountability, on doing something and getting something done, that's what i'd like him to talk about. >> senator nelson, the white house says the president will be more specific. you know the big flash points in this debate. what's the one specific where you think the president needs to say, this is the way i need to be. i'm the president of the
, nebraska and kansas. periods of heavy rain from the carolinas up to richmond and d.c. scattered showers from kentucky to michigan. and isolated thunderstorms in florida. >> a high of 89 today in miami. 73 for baltimore. 78 here in n ewyork. upper 70s for chicago, detroit and fargo. 85 in st. louis. 97 in dallas. phoenix is seaenabl at 101. while sacramento climbs to 88. 77 in boise and orlando. and 70 for seattle. >>> and coming up, more electric cars coming to car lots near you. >>> plus, tracking those great white sharks off cape cod. why biologists are so excited by the visit from the deep. >>> and a crash caught on tape, as this paraglider drops into a crowd of families. >>> overseas, stocks mostly higher this morning. tokyo's nikkei average rose 0.7% today. hong kong's hang seng is up big. in london, the ftse opened higher. now, wall street goes back to work today after the holiday weekend. the dow looking to bounce back after falling 103 points last week to close at 9441. and last week, the nasdaq fell 10 points to close at 2018. >>> kraft food is gearing up for a takeover battle
asked to leave. representative lee terry of nebraska does not use the office. this thing called the office of the attending physician. >> oh yes. >> reporter: which you smile and say, "oh, yes." why do you do -- why do you do that? >> well, it's a great asset. somebody passes out on a tour, it's our attending physicians that are there right then, but there's an option, you could use them as your, in essence, family practitioner while you're here. >> reporter: terry is introducing a bill to offer the same type of health insurance options provided to congress to all americans. i'm sitting here thinking, "if you're going to introduce this bill for the federal health plan, why not throw in something like this office that is provide primary care?" if congress can have those kinds of things, why can't we? >> that's a fair question. and they should have that. because frankly, having a physician that you can call and contact actually helps drive down the costs. >> reporter: good primary care, an ingredient everyone cares is necessary for true health care reform. dr. timothy johnson, abc
places run 15g degree bees low average from d.c. west to omaha, nebraska. wichita, too. st. louis, that's some of the cool air that will be moving this way. all as high pressure shifts to the east. the front that produces showers early this morning across southern maryland, that finally will be kicking off the coast. there's a look at the radar, quiet and dry. probably not until friday will we be seeing anything across the area. meanwhile, moisture, hopefully coming north. right now, we focus in on the center of the storm system and the fact it's headed to the north. all along the baja peninsula, hurricane jemina likely to come ashore. areas south there around the southern tip, la pots area and eventually san ig nasous getting flooding. but the threat of the storm, a lot will be shifting to the north and northeast going into arizona instead of helping with the fires at the end of the week in california. the other storm system, that one a cluster of storms east of the lesser antilles by about 450 miles. we will start tracking this one. it could become a tropical depression. if it does, i
. >> nebraska, this man being called a hero after he saved a baby from a busy intersection in oma ha. >> he was on the way to the street. >> apartnerly the toddler wandered out from a nearby apartment. mario gunter saw the boy close to the road and he pulled over and grabbed him while someone called 911. >> you see it on tv but never expect to find a baby on the sidewalk. i still don't know what to think about it. >> elsewhere in oma ha, another rescue after a fisherman found 10 kittens stuck in a trash bag and dumped in the missouri river. >> he thought it was trash and it was the baby in there. >> all 10 of the little guys are recovering from the ordeal in a local animal shelter and soon be up for adoption. >> florida, a not so cuddlingy critter slithering around. it was a four and half foot bowa constricter. it is not popoisonous and could have been a threat to the school kids. it was take tone a nature preserve. >> texas, the nation's largest state fair. >> for some it is all about the food including gourmet treats as fried butter. but there is ride and farm animals and the entertainmen
as number of charges. >>> a driver in nebraska is being called a hero after saving a baby from an intersection. the child is not much older than this one and was being watched when he crawled out of the apartment. the driver spotted i boy and grabbed him before he entered the intersection. the aunt was taking a nap when the i go. boy got up and out. >> half a million children require treatment due to reactions to medications. new research advises parents and doctors to be vigilant when prescribing drugs to children. >> reporter: this mother checks with the pharmacist before giving any medication. >> and it is something that scared me that you can harm a child if you give them too much. >> reporter: parents should be preoccupied. 600,000 children are treated annually for bad drug reactions including accidental overdoses, side-effects. medicine mix-ups and allergies. >> children who are less than five years old were vulnerable to the reactions. >> in part because the younger stds are exposed to medications for the first time. research, based on studies spanning 11 years, shows
's important to at the very least match up what we're going to face. >>> some police officer in nebraska say the bad guys have bigger and better weapons. what the officers are doing to even things up. and yes, they are cute and cuddly. these guys, we're talking about. one naturalist says the animals should die out. is it time to pull the plug on the pandas? we want to hear from you on this. >>> good friday to you. i hope you're having a good one so far. we have some breaking news now off the top. a new recording purportedly from osama bin laden has just hit the internet and in it, the al qaeda leader threatens american allies in europe. he asks european, how do you think you will fare after america pull out? we can't could not ferm it is bin laden. al qaeda is threatening attacks in germany where voters are headed to the polls on sunday. >>> we're keeping an eye on two unrelated terror plots targeting two u.s. cities. federal agents say the suspect in both were ready to pull the trigger. arrests were made in illinois. also texas. investigators say neither case is connected with the alleged p
or involved, and he could tip the balance either way. senator bill nelson of nebraska. good morning to you. >> thank you. good to be with you. jon: let me ask you to comment on what your fellow senator just said. we heard from major garrett that the president is saying we have got to hurry this along. we heard senator conrad say that the press is trying to move this thing forward. who is pushing this? >> well, i think what is happening here is there is a fear that if you do not give something to move, any kind of energy, any kind of synergy will be lost, and people will then want to turn to some other issue. there is a sense of urgency. but that has to be counterbalanced by the task of getting it done right, not getting it done quickly. i think that is where most of us are today. what we want to do is be sure that we keep moving. if we can put something together, we should. we should not fall behind. on the other hand, the people of nebraska and the country want this done right if it is going to be done at all. jon: all the powerful people in washington. "the hill" newspaper in the morning
virginia tech hosting nebraska. nebraska has lost its last nine games against ranked teams since the win against texas a&m dating back to 2006. two schools separated by 100 miles and at least for now separated by seven points. eric highsmikt and his north carolina squad on top by seven. enjoy the second half. ♪ ♪ >> pam: welcome back to "espn college football." reported by 5-hour energy. the second half in chapel hill about to get under way. north carolina with a 21-14 lead over the pirates of east carolina. the two schools separated by about 110 mimes. the pirates down seven. get the ball first. dwayne harris, the wildcat quarterback, wide receiver and in this case punt -- or kick returner gets it up to the 24 yard line. let's go back to east carolina and their last td drive. pulling out some tricks. >> ray: yeah and i believe they had to and you can see here is the long fras harris completing it to womack on like a reverse toss pass. and then pinkney drills it down the middle. and then harris finishes that drive. but i think skip holtz knows that his team is a little bits overmatch
officer: the senator from nebraska. mr. johanns: madam president, i ask that the quorum call be vitiated so i can speak on the pending amendment. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. johanns: madam president, at 5:30 this afternoon, in just a few minutes, we're going to vote on the pending amendment, which is an amendment to bar acorn from receiving any money from the appropriations bill that we are considering. i spoke earlier today, so i'll only speak a couple of minutes today. i wanted to come to the senate floor again to underscore the importance of this vote and to underscore the history that brings us here today to take this action. the history is a sad history. on september 9, 2009, miami dade prosecutors issued arrest warrants for 11 acorn employees. the employees are charged with falsifying voter registration cards. a total of 1,400 voter registration cards were turned in in 888 of those were found to be fake that. means that almost three-quarters of those cards were fraudulent. late last week damaging news surfaced regarding hidden videotapes at the new york, the balti
. now we're invited to do it in nebraska and many other cities we're doing that. so it works in the usa. it works in any other places. so this is a thing that we have to do. particularly in the financial situation where you need to really system becomes an inclusive system. >> i want to ask you about the commitments and what you're doing in mexico city in a moment. but wes, let me get your thoughts on the other end of the system. credit for small businesses, credit for new ip ovations. i know you've been working a lot on alternative energy. >> i have. >> where do we stand on that part of the spectrum? >> i think it's tough right now in alternative energy. it shouldn't be. you would think with the slack in the economy, this would be the time to take the unemployed resources, take the american jobs and move out on alternative energy. energy demand is down like other demand is down. kret's tight. it's very difficult. there's a surplus of wind turbines. but the utility companies have the power they need. they're uncertain good government policy. the banks, especially the small banks are und
're in nebraska and you do another thing when the lobbyist is at your door and you're in committee markup. that's standard operating procedure for both parties in washington. >> let's see if we can burn that "sesame street" one from hatch into people's minds. if senator hatch believes it's unfair that the states with high insurance costs would be provided with transition relief, why not ask for exemption for any state more than that state that begins with the letter u. >> this is classic. everything you need to know about commitment of small government is embodied in that amendment. reminds me of the omnibus bill being passed and people bringing home pork were the republicans. they're vegetarians between meals. they're constantly saying that whenever they don't -- whenever they can't bring the bacon home for their constituents or interest groups funding them, then they're against spending. when they get a chance to smuggle a little in, they're totally fine with it. >> what is behind the use of the phrase that hatch put in here. any state that begins with the letter u? i like them to he had a me
of kansas, nebraska, eastern colorado, too, getting more rainfall around denver this morning and you get down to the south farther, you can see memphis, showers coming up out of the south taken pools on in quickly around the nation's capital. it looks like the rain is basically halting right around that mason dixon line but it's moving due east and going to drift down to the south later today, too. rain is going to be heavy at times around washington. watch for delays. at the airports, reagan and dulles, too. off to the west you can see the rain stretching down the mississippi valley and picks up in intensity around des moines, back in towards the lower parts of minnesota and that's going to arc back in towards the dakotas for the morning and more showers are a possibility later today. for the weekend as the cold front steers over to the east, watch the rain pile up specifically around northern parts of alabama in towards north georgia, tennessee, the carolina mountains as well. unfortunately, more flooding is possible, that yellow shaded area computer models think three inches of rain m
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